Quali sono i vantaggi che avete nell'utilizzare Debian?

Lun, 10/01/2011 - 12:04

Quali sono i vantaggi che avete nell'utilizzare Debian?

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Raphael Hertzog su ask.debian.net ha posto una domanda molto particolare.


You’re using Debian at home, or at work, or both. You have chosen Debian for some reasons. Using it brings you some benefits in your life. What are those benefits?

Please describe one benefit per answer. If you identify multiple benefits, please submit several answers. And vote up benefits that others have expressed to which you agree.

Try to not mix up "benefits" with "features". A feature is a characteristic of Debian, a benefit is something that is applicable to you. For example, Debian can be automatically installed (feature), the benefits you might experience related to that could be "I can install more machines in the same time" which in turn means "it's dragging maintenance costs down for my employer" and maybe "I could negotiate a raise of my salary due to that". Smile I am specifically interested in the benefits you are getting out of using Debian. Thanks.

E' una questione molto interessante, mi raccomando, come specificato anche da lui, non confondete le caratteristiche di Debian con i benefici che ne traete.

Per rispondere e partecipare al sondaggio basta andare qui: http://ask.debian.net/questions/what-benefits-does-debian-bring-you